Microdex boasts stunning sales of state-of-the-art machine tools and systemization equipment.
Today`s production lines must be designed to saitisfy a grueling litany of requirements,from automation and labor-saving to consistently high quality,high utilization rates and flexbile production.In view of theseconditions, indextable,has been providing customers wewith reliability and dependability for 25years.

4 Reasons
1 The turntable moves only in the direction of rotation,with no verticalrunout,for accurate, exact machining and assembly.
2 Large clamping force
3 Precision that increases with use-the true val ue of Microdex
4 Unbeatable affordability for a high-precision indextable
 Trading Name  Hirahara Seiki Industries Co., Ltd.
 Head office  3-172 higashi-arioka, itami-city,
 hyogo, Japan,664-0845
 E-mail  info@hsk-it.co.jp
 President  Teruo Hirahara
 Operations started  June, 1951
 Capital  63 million
 Investor  Hirahara Seiki Industries Co., Ltd.
 Employees  140
 Sales  3 billion (FY 2000)
 Business  ndex Table,Spairal Bevel
 Gear,Gear Box
 Correspondent Banks  Mitsui Sumitomo Bank,
 Daiwa Bank,Sanwa Bank,Daiichi  kangyouBank,Amagasaki Shinkin  Bank,Syoko cuukinBank
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